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This month’s freebee wallpaper is a selection of three downloadable images for your computer, iPad and iPhone screens. The brown and white stripes are inspired by the colours and design of Cinéma Humain’s logo, while the background texture adds some grunge to an otherwise completely sober image.

Featured Articles

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Thoughts inspired by ‘Not my Life’ (2011)

Slavery is probably one of the most heinous of modern-day injustices. It connects to a huge variety of other atrocities such as terrorism and war as well as organised crimes such as the drug trade and corruption (to name but a few). Even wildlife trafficking has been connected to the trafficking of humans. The exploitation of vulnerable individuals for financial gain is an issue as old as time. Yet, it has never been so concealed and so widespread at the same time as it is today. Researchers estimate that approximately 21-36 million people live in slavery today. Staggeringly, such a statistic indicates that there are more people enslaved today than at any other point in history – including the period when the slave trade was legal in Europe and the United States.

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Production Diary: The poached black rhino in HORN (Part Two)

Leaving the exhausted duiker behind I turned my attention to the country on the opposite side of the fence. In the front of the vehicle, the officials had resumed their conversation where it left off before our brief break at the border post. They were talking about an operation that was planned for later that day. My interest was caught momentarily because I realised that the operation they were talking about had something to do with a high stakes poacher interception on the opposite side of the park. However, I decided to push their conversation to the background in order to pay attention to the situation I was in at that moment. It seemed important to me personally and I was determined to take everything in.

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News at Cinéma Humain

HORN wins the ‘Award of Excellence: Special Mention’ at the IndieFest Awards 2016

We are honoured to announce that HORN has received an ‘Award of Excellence: Special Mention’ at the IndieFEST Awards. Out of thousands of entries, HORN was ranked under the top 4 documentaries. The award ‘Best in Show’ went to the Emmy-nominated film ‘A Path Appears’ with George Clooney, Ashley Judd and Blake Lively. The second accolade is shared by HORN and two other documentaries.

Leslie Goffe from BBC World Service talks to Reina-Marie Loader about HORN

Leslie Goffe from one of the BBC World Service’s cornerstone shows ‘Africa Today’ caught up with Reina-Marie Loader at the Natural History Museum in New York to talk about HORN and rhino poaching in South Africa. Here an extract from the interview:


Older News

Reina-Marie Loader nominated for ‘Best Awareness, Education and Funding’ at the Rhino Conservation Awards 2015

On 28 July 2015 people from all over South Africa gathered for the Rhino Conservation Awards 2015. In attendance were HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, who has been an avid supporter of African conservation for years. Also attending were representatives from several significant conservation agencies across Africa. Congratulations to all the winners!

It’s all about Community – Groups you can join

The Cinéma Humain DiscussionGroup

The Cinéma Human DiscussionGroup is particularly meant for filmmakers and academics interested in human rights and the environment. In this group, we discuss the ethics and practicalities of making films about hard hitting issues. Additionally, we think about the ways in which human rights filmmaking can be approached meaningfully in teaching context such as in schools and universities. The intention is to create a community that will also meet once a year at the Cinéma Humain Conference in Vienna – the first one of which will be held in 2017.

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