Frequently Asked Questions



How much do you charge?

Our pricing differs from project to project. Every project is unique in nature and will therefore require different timeframes and resources. Generally, our projects range from €5.000 to €100.000. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can work together to find out what works for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer electronic bank transfers and PayPal, but we also accept most credit cards.

Do you work internationally?

Human rights and global justice are issues that affect us all on an international scale. So we go where we need to go all across the world.

Can guest authors, filmmakers and photographers contribute to your magazine?

Certainly. We thrive on collaboration and we love to learn from other people in our field. So, yes … please feel free to contact us. We’d love to include you if we can.

Do you pay people who contribute to your magazine?

This depends on the contribution, but in certain cases people who share their work with us can be paid.

How often do your film courses run?

The first course goes up in February of each year. Subsequent courses are released in fifteen week intervals. When you have gained access to any course, you retain access to it all year. So, completing the courses depends on your own pace and schedule.

As soon as a course goes live, you can start. If you work on a weekly basis, you can finish the course in ten weeks. However, you are not required to.

After each course, you will be asked to submit either an essay or a short film (depending on the module). Students who submit work of an exceptional quality will be showcased on our website and on CHTV.

When should students submit their work?

The course is structured so as to fit your own schedule. We ask that you submit your work when you have finished each course. Practical courses work slightly differently, since they have one-on-one course structure. Dates for practical submissions will be discussed and determined on a personal basis according needs and time pressures.

How many courses do you run each year?

We like to keep things fresh, so each year the courses will be developed and renewed. As a rule, we run about five to six courses a year – each containing about five modules.

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