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Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Thoughts inspired by ‘Not my Life’ (2011)

Slavery is probably one of the most heinous of modern-day injustices. It connects to a huge variety of other atrocities such as terrorism and war as well as organised crimes such as the drug trade and corruption (to name but a few). Even wildlife trafficking has been connected to the trafficking of humans. The exploitation of vulnerable individuals for financial gain is an issue as old as time. Yet, it has never been so concealed and so widespread at the same time as it is today. Researchers estimate that approximately 21-36 million people live in slavery today. Staggeringly, such a statistic indicates that there are more people enslaved today than at any other point in history – including the period when the slave trade was legal in Europe and the United States.

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Writing a Film Essay: A step-by-step guide by Cinéma Humain

We’ve all had those moments as students when working at the corner shop for the rest of our lives seemed like a better option than battling our way through the essay writing process. Sometimes a degree just does not seem worth the daily (okay, nightly) quest to rediscover that intelligence our parents so proudly said we had when they sent us off into the wide-wide world. If you are anything like I was, you would be looking at a mountain of notes and leftover food that have somehow infiltrated your room. You would think at that point that all trace of creativity has gone the way of the dodo.

This downloadable resource will help you with formulating an academically informed and well-structured film essay.

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Thoughts on the History of Human Rights

In a previous article (“Human Rights: Thoughts on their Authority and Limits”) in this series, it became clear that human rights cannot be divorced from their history. Speaking about them necessarily involves reference to certain historical documents that have developed into authoritative sources to which arguments and descriptions need to appeal. The most important of these are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and Articles 55 and 56 of the United Nations Charter, formulated three years earlier. That in itself makes it important to bear the history of the idea in mind. But also the insight that such momentous achievements of humankind do not merely come into existence on the spur of a moment or without the momentum created by the impact of precursors over time. This insight is logical and simple enough. At first sight, the idea of the “history” of human rights seems quite straightforward and simple. But there are several things to be clarified before providing a historical sketch.

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Rhino Wars: South Africa’s record hike in poaching

Reina-Marie Loader talks about rhino poaching on Al Jazeera’s flagship programme Inside Story. What future do rhinos face? And why is the multi-billion-dollar poaching industry continuing to grow?

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News at Cinéma Humain

Leslie Goffe from BBC World Service talks to Reina-Marie Loader about HORN

Leslie Goffe from one of the BBC World Service’s cornerstone shows ‘Africa Today’ caught up with Reina-Marie Loader at the Natural History Museum in New York to talk about HORN and rhino poaching in South Africa. Here an extract from the interview:


Cinéma Humain’s film HORN receives honour in New York.

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival has announced in New York that the film “HORN,” directed by Reina-Marie Loader, has won the 2015 award for “Best Conservation Film”. The award will be made at a ceremony on October 23, 2015. Dr Loader will also speak at the parallel Biodiversity Conference in New York.

HORN is a film about the usually neglected social side of rhino poaching. It highlights the social causes that drive people to poaching and shows that the conservation of rhinos can be a problem solver for disadvantaged communities.

HORN to screen in competition at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York, October 2015. 

“It is exciting that HORN will show in New York as I hope this will raise awareness of the complexities of the rhino poaching issue, and the potential long term perspective that is needed as we face the current crisis”, said Reina-Marie Loader. “I will also be speaking at the Biodiversity Conference, which is connected to the festival”, Loader concluded. 

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival takes place in the third week of October. It attracts an international representation of films, filmmakers, advocates and scientists dedicated to the preservation of global biodiversity. Visitors come to New York from across the globe to attend.

For more information on the Festival, or to buy tickets to screenings, go to:

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Reina-Marie Loader nominated for ‘Best Awareness, Education and Funding’ at the Rhino Conservation Awards 2015

On 28 July 2015 people from all over South Africa gathered for the Rhino Conservation Awards 2015. In attendance were HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, who has been an avid supporter of African conservation for years. Also attending were representatives from several significant conservation agencies across Africa. Congratulations to all the winners!

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CH DiscussionGroup

The Cinéma Human DiscussionGroup is particularly meant for filmmakers and academics interested in human rights and the environment. In this group, we discuss the ethics and practicalities of making films about hard hitting issues. Additionally, we think about the ways in which human rights filmmaking can be approached meaningfully in teaching context such as in schools and universities. The intention is to create a community that will also meet once a year at the Cinéma Humain Conference in Vienna – the first one of which will be held in 2017.

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