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Writing a Film Essay: A Planning Guide

Writing a film essay is difficult at the best of times. So, if you are a student looking to make the process of planning an essay a little bit easier, this resource will help you on your way. It is specifically designed for film students required to closely analyse films based on a specific question set by your tutor/lecturer.

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Why Cecil unmasks Humanity

Today I will be talking more about an issue that clearly meant a great deal to a lot of people. It is an issue that completely took over the social media and the internet a few weeks ago [middle of 2015] – namely the hunting incident in Zimbabwe where one of the country’s most beloved lions, Cecil, was killed by the American dentist Walter Palmer.

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How the Camera turns into a Weapon

What role do the media play in wars and conflicts? Do the (horrifying) pictures have an impact on the viewer who is located far away from the conflict areas? These are questions that are not only posed generally in the global and the digitally connected world, but it becomes particularly relevant when considering war and conflict films.

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Thoughts on the History of Human Rights

Human rights history shows that, for all their deficiencies, certain precursors were important movers in the overall development towards full recognition and application of human rights in the world. If this is encouraging in itself, perhaps the most encouraging trait of the history of human rights is that the issue has almost always been driven by individuals and popular movements.

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