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Welcome to Cinéma Human’s Screenings and Events page. Here you will find more information on significant events and screenings we organise, participate in or find interesting. Some are free and others are not. If you participate in any of these activities, please do let us know by sending us a message!

ETIAtalks: Serious About Wildlife Crime

9 March 2017, 7pm at the Festsaal of the Diplomatic Academc of Vienna, Favouritenstraße 15a, 1040 Vienna


Lejda Toci: Consultant for Global programme for Combating Wildlife Crime, UNODC in Vienna, Christian Walzer: Head of Conservation Medicine Unit, Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology Vetmeduni Tim Steele: Senior advisor on Anticorruption, UNODC in Vienna, Reina-Marie Loader: Founder and Filmmaker at Cinéma Humain, Moderator: Catherine Lankes – Freelance Journalist for APA

Just one week after the fourth official World Wildlife Day, on March 3rd, the goal of this talk is to underline the importance of combating wildlife crime on all levels


Just one week after the fourth official World Wildlife Day, on March 3rd, the goal of this talk is to underline the importance of combating wildlife crime on all levels.

The thematic focus will be put on effective legal and technical countermeasures against poaching, which continues to be very lucrative and ever-growing business that is increasingly ruled by corruption. Immediate action is important, considering that wildlife officials are warning that we are losing millions of animals per year due to illegal poaching, which might end in the extinction of numerous wildlife species. However, we will also try to look at the considerable financial implications of illegal wildlife trade. With estimates ranging from 10 to 200 billion US Dollars per year, it comes as no surprise that wildlife crime is now ranked among drug, arms and human trafficking as one of the most profitable organised crimes.


Festsaal of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

Before the Flood (2016)

30 October 2016 at – 6 November 2016

Ahead of the US Elections, this ground-breaking documentary focuses on climate threats and practical solutions.

Free – global streaming event

Cinéma Humain is proud to be part of this global event organised by National Geographic. Given the significant threat global warming holds, this event seeks to set in motion a global movement that would see our planet preserved for future generations.

Before the Flood follows Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace as he travels to five continents and the Arctic to witness climate change firsthand. He joins scientists in the field so as to uncover the reality of climate change. As such, the film presents an informative and engaging account of how society can prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the globe.

HORN – Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

27 and 29 October 2016

HORN Screening – Nominated for Best Awareness Film

27 October 2016 (19.50), 28 October 2016 (12.20)

Join us at the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam for two screenings at the Cinerama Filmtheater, where HORN is screening in competition Reina-Marie Loader will be at the screening on the 28th for a Q&A

Cinerama Filmtheater

Screening – HORN – University of the Witwatersrand

08 August 2016 (12.00)

Screening on the making of HORN – Raising awareness about rhino poaching in South Africa

Free Screening – Room 121 (Wits University, Biology Building)

Join us at the University of Witswatersrand for a screening of HORN followed by a Q&A with Reina-Marie Loader.

Cinerama Filmtheater

Lecture – HORN – University of the Witwatersrand

01 August 2016 (13.20)

Lecture on the making of HORN – Raising awareness about rhino poaching in South Africa

Free Lecture – Room 121 (Wits University, Biology Building)

Dr. Reina-Marie Loader will be giving a research lecture on the observations she make during the production of Cinéma Humain’s documentary HORN. The lecture will focus on the social issues connected to rhino poaching in South Africa. There will also be a free screening of HORN next week (08 August 2016).

Cinerama Filmtheater