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Production Diary: The poached black rhino in HORN (Part Two)

Sometimes poachers only remove the horn, but more often than not, they cut all the way into the nasal cavity in order to get as much horn as possible. This causes tremendous and mostly irreparable damage to the rhino. I could clearly see the carnage the poachers left behind from my vantage point. It was a terribly sad sight. I started studying the wound, ignoring the stench that protruded from it.

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Production Diary: The poached black rhino in HORN (Part One)

Production Diary Series by Reina-Marie Loader The heat is excruciating. Even in the air-conditioned bakkie I can feel it pressing down on the roof, pushing its way through the steel. But I’m not really thinking about the heat right now. I am clinging on for dear life...

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The filming of HORN: The human face of the poaching crisis

by Reina-Marie Loader as published on Africa Geographic. Pythagoras once said, “As long as humans remain the ruthless destroyers of other living beings, they will never know health or peace, because as long as humans massacre animals, they will kill each other.”...

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Accessing the Rhino Issue as an Independent Filmmaker written by Reina-Marie Loader I started writing this post at the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on my way back to the UK (11 August 2012). One of the major objectives of the second...

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