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Core Services

The services we provide are designed to promote our clients’ work in relation to purpose-driven and social responsibility projects within their company and/or organisation. We do this on an affiliate basis, which means that the service our client pays for is for creative promotion of their cause. This is done on various platforms including both our own and our clients’ online outlets (e.g. websites and social media). Ultimately, our goal is to offer a cost-effective, creative and educational production service designed for online use that maximises global social awareness.

1. Filmmaking
Short Films (up to 10 minutes)

We make short films in order to raise awareness about the issue you are working for. These videos can be either documentary or narrative. As a rule, we do not exceed more than 10 minutes per short film. If you wish to commission more than one short film, we can customise your package to fit exactly what you require. In order to support our clients and create more effective awareness, short films can be combined with articles and vlogs on our YouTube channel. Price is determined according to each individual project’s needs. For a quote, please contact us in the area provided below.

Long Films (up to 50 minutes)

Generally, the longer films we produce do not exceed 50 minutes. This is ideal if you wish to have your film broadcast in a specifically allocated slot on TV. In order to support our clients and create more effective awareness, longer films can be combined with a series of structured articles about the issue and production process. Price is determined according to each individual project’s needs. For a quote, please contact us in the area provided below.


Vlogs are usually combined with other services and revolve around discussing and debating specific aspects of the subject you are involved with. This is effective in that it is not only cost effective, but is produced very quickly and could reach many people via social media outlets. We also offer to include each vlog on our website and YouTube channel to maximise reach and impact. Price is determined according to each individual project’s needs. For a quote, please contact us in the area provided below.

2. Writing

We offer an article service because we find that the writing of clear, easily understandable and well-researched articles can go a long way to raise awareness about a specific topic, and that at an affordable rate. Articles are often combined with the filmmaking and/or photography services, but they can of course be commissioned on their own. The amount of articles is determined by our clients according to their needs. Therefore, like the other services, price is determined by the individual needs of each project. For a quote, please contact us in the area provided below.

3. Photography
Photo Series

Our photo series is mostly combined with our article service. The number of photographs depends on the needs of our clients and is therefore determined after consultation. We offer both studio and journalistic photographs. Price is determined according to the amount of photos required. For a quote, please contact us in the area provided below.


  1. We offer six packages.
  2. Packages can be individualised according to needs.
  3. Each package comprises of different combinations of the three core services we offer (as described above).
  4. Each service can be also commissioned on its own, in other words, not as part of a package.

The names of our packages are inspired by famous animals in history that did remarkable things and shared a strong bond with people. To us, this combines the two core elements of Cinéma Humain’s work: humans and their relationship with the environment (which includes animals).

1. The Huberta Package contains:
  • Short film (3-10 minutes)
  • Vlogs
  • Articles
  • Photographs
2. The Laika Package contains:
  • Long film (50 min plus)
  • Articles
3. The Sam Package contains:
  • Short Film
  • Articles
  • Photography
4. The Cher Ami Package contains:
  • Vlogs
  • Articles
5. The Smoky Package contains:
  • Short Film
  • Vlogs
6. The Congo Package contains:
  • Short Film
  • Vlogs
  • Articles

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Mhani Gingi - Cape Town
Mhani Gingi – Cape Town

History has shown moments in time when significant paradigm shifts within society occurred due to a change in the mindset of ordinary men and women. This change has also brought about a massive shift in the way politics and businesses were structured. In several TEDx talks dating back to 2012, Andrew Hewitt highlights some of these moments in history while suggesting that we may be standing at the cusp of another one of these paradigm shifts. This time however, if we take it seriously, success in business will not only be measured according to the services we offer and the profit we make, but also according to the positive impact we have on the world and its people. It marks a shift that would mean a more self-aware and humane approach to business culture – a culture which would not only find profit in purpose, but also seek to extend that purpose beyond its profitable endeavours.

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I have been asked in the past ‘why concern yourself with animals if you are a human rights film company?’ The simple answer to this is that conservation and wildlife crimes are completely linked to many of the human rights abuses we see happening globally. ‘That may be true and well’, I hear many say, ‘but it still does not explain why the services you offer to purpose-driven companies are named after specific animals and not people who represent your stance towards filmmaking and the world’. By clicking through to the following article you will find an answer.

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Cinéma Humain collaborated with a grass-roots organisation in Cape Town, South Africa, called Mhani Gingi to create a series of handcrafted bracelets. Founded by Lillian Masebenza, the organisation creates various opportunities for women from townships to develop their skills so as to elevate themselves financially. To find out more about the organisation please read an interview with the founder by clicking on the link below. We caught up with Ms Masebenza, who told us more about the charity and why the empowerment of women and children is vital for the sustainable development of Africa.

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