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by Kees van den Brom ©

Kees van den Brom sent the following touching poem to Cinéma Humain for International Rhino Day (22 September 2012). Thank you very much for the generous contribution!

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Perspective One: The Problem of Rhino Poaching

African White Rhino

African White Rhino

by Johan Fourie

A historical perspective highlights the problem quite vividly. At the start of the millennium seven rhinos were poached in South Africa for the entire year. These modest numbers remained the trend up to 2007.

In 2008 numbers rose dramatically to 83 rhino poached for the year, a 640% increase. The growth continued its nearly exponential rise, consecutively totaling 122, 333, and a staggering 448 in 2011. A 3400% rise in four years!

These figures leave no doubt that extinction is now a real destination for the rhino populations of South Africa. The ironical thing is, should this happen, that it would all have been in vain. Twenty thousand rhinos would have died for nothing, for the much-revered medicinal qualities of the rhino horn are a fallacy.

The only people to benefit from this massacre will be the criminals in our society. They are the ones who are ruthlessly exploiting the resource, but not only that, they are also ruthlessly exploiting the consumer public. These are the victims who are being fed myth after myth to sustain and expand the market of paying users. Their pain and fears of sickness and death are being callously manipulated for the quick buck

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