Horn: An interview with Reina-Marie Loader

As published by LitNet 21/11/2014

Illegal rhino poaching is the theme of a movie made by Reina-Marie Loader. She tells Naomi Meyer about HORN.


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SA Filmmaker creates new awareness

Article published by The Rekort in South Africa. Click on the photograph to read full article:


look at the planet

by Kees van den Brom ©

Kees van den Brom sent the following touching poem to Cinéma Humain for International Rhino Day (22 September 2012). Thank you very much for the generous contribution!

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Accessing the Rhino Issue as an Independent Filmmaker

by Reina-Marie Loader

I started writing this post at the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on my way back to the UK (11 August 2012). One of the major objectives of the second research trip for HORN was to film wild rhino on publicly/governmentally owned land. To this purpose, we went to the Kruger National Park – the area in South Africa that has been most affected by poaching. In the two weeks we spent there, I was surprised when we found rhino twenty-four times in total. Not all of these were filmable of course, but still … a staggering number!

It struck me at the time that seeing as many rhino is not indicative to the actual gravity of the situation and tourists visiting the area might regard the situation as exaggerated or even misrepresented. However, this is not the case as confirmed reports of slain rhino keep rolling in. The reality of the threat and the silence of SANParks were again enforced to me just before I arrived at the airport. OSCAP notably reported that there are strong rumours that the Kruger was heavily struck during the two-week period we were in the park. It is rumoured that over 30 rhino were killed in the Kruger alone! It is now known that in the month of August, Kruger lost 40 of its rhino. Moreover, the NWCRU (National Wildlife Crime Reaction Unit) revealed yesterday that the rhino death toll now stands at 373 at the beginning of September. This suggests that the number of poached rhino will vastly exceed last year’s total of 448. This overwhelming reality was however not at all apparent while we were in the park. The question is, why not?

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“Write about your Process!”

by Reina-Marie Loader

It has been suggested to me recently that I accompany the development and production of HORN with a series of related posts on the Cinéma Humain website. The reasoning behind the suggestion was that it could provide useful scholarly information for students and filmmakers of documentary. First hand posts, it was argued, will not only document how I am making the film, but it will also constructively address the various difficulties a young independent filmmaker may face when dealing with a highly controversial and often inaccessible topic.

I have carefully considered this suggestion over the last couple of weeks, since there are various pros and cons attached to writing about the production of a film in such a context.

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